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WORDS 151-175

again, another, ask, because, change, different, does, even, hand, kind, land,
large, men, move, must, need, off, place, read, such, together, try, turn, well, why

 The word is, “again.” 
 Please try to do it again
 Once again, she played a great game. 


 The word is, “another.” 
 Can I have another potato, please? 
  They take care of one another


 The word is, “ask.” 
  Who will you ask to your party? 
  I’ve got to ask for some help on this. 


 The word is, “because.” 
  Don’t eat that, because it’s gone bad. 
 I’m shivering because it’s so cold. 


 The word is, “change.” 
 I need to change the clock for summer. 
  Go change into your bathing suit. 


 The word is, “different.” 
 I wish it had a different ending. 
 Let’s eat something different tonight. 


 The word is, “does.” 
 What does your new dog look like? 
 Does it matter which shoes I wear?  


 The word is, “even.” 
 We need to even out the sheets. 
 I wouldn’t eat it, even if you paid me. 


 The word is, “hand.” 

 Please hand that bowl to me.  
 Which hand do you use with scissors? 

 The word is, “kind.” 
 It’s very kind of you to help me. 
 What kind of vegetable is that? 


 The word is, “land.” 
 The plane will land in ten minutes. 
 The farmer owns a lot of land

 The word is, “large.” 
 Would you like a large or small glass? 
 He wears an extra large shirt size. 


 The word is, “men.” 
 Those men are all fire fighters. 
 How many men are on each team? 


 The word is, “move.” 
 Can you please move that over here? 
 We are going to move to Lexington. 


 The word is, “must.” 
 Must you sneeze so loudly? 
 I must get this finished in an hour. 


  The word is, “need.” 
 I need to brush my teeth more. 
 What do you need for that recipe? 


 The word is, “off.” 
 Please get the cat off of the table. 
 I’m brushing the fur off of my skirt. 


 The word is, “place.” 
 I can’t remember the place I put it in. 
 What’s your favorite place to visit? 


  The word is, “read.” 
 I love to read science fiction stories. 
 Could you read that article to me? 


  The word is, “such.” 
 I have such a bad head cold. 
 You picked such a good time to call me. 


  The word is, “together.” 
 Should we do this together, or not? 
 It’s good to get the family together

 The word is, “try.” 
 I’m ready to try it, now. 
  Nice work, you gave it a good first try

 The word is, “turn.”  
 Now it’s your turn to ask a question. 
 You’ll see it when you turn around. 

 The word is, “well.”  
 I finally feel well again. 
 Oh well, maybe I’ll get lucky later. 


  The word is, “why.” 
 I’m not sure why I said that.  
 Why don’t we go for ice cream, later?      




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WORDS 176-200

 air, always, animal, answer, asked, end, found, learn, letter, mean, mother, often, page,
picture, please, point, round, should, still, think, through, under, which, world, year
 The word is, “air.” 
 Look at that bird way up in the air
 My bike tire is low on air

 The word is, “always.” 
 She always keeps it hot in her room. 
  My dog always asks for more food. 

 The word is, “animal.” 
  It sounds like a wild animal is outside.  
 What animal would you like as a pet? 

 The word is, “answer.”  
 I hoped that would be your answer 
 I’ll answer your question in a minute. 

 The word is, “asked.” 
 She asked me to come over and play. 
 Bill asked for a puppy for Christmas. 

 The word is, “end.” 
 That was a funny way to end a story. 
 I hate being at the end of a long line. 

  The word is, “found.” 
 I found it in Roy’s doghouse.  
 My uncle found a new dinosaur fossil. 

 The word is, “learn.” 
 I love to learn about new things. 
 You will learn during your entire life. 

  The word is, “letter.” 
 I wrote a long letter to Santa this year. 
  My middle initial is the letter E. 

 The word is, “mean.” 
 It’s not nice to be mean to others. 
 I’m not sure what you mean

 The word is, “mother.”  
 My mother can sew pretty clothes.  
 I met his mother yesterday. 

 The word is, “often.” 
 I think he complains way too often
 It’s not often she fixes my favorite dish. 

  The word is, “page.” 
 The next page has a pretty picture. 
 I am on the last page of the book. 

  The word is, “picture.” 
 Lisa drew a pretty picture for you. 
 That’s a funny picture of a clown. 
  The word is, “please.”    
 I’d like some more rice, please  
 It’s nice to say “please” and “thanks.” 

 The word is, “point.” 
 Can you point too what you see? 
 That is a really good point

 The word is, “round.” 
 A circle is round, a box is square. 
 Please round everyone up for lunch. 

 The word is, “should.” 
 I should go to bed earlier tonight. 
 How long should it take to get there? 
  The word is, “still.” 
 The water on the lake is very still
 I still want to go out, even if it’s cold. 

 The word is, “think.” 
 I think that it costs too much. 
 What do you think of my new dress? 

 The word is, “through.” 
 I’m through with my homework.  
 You can go on through that gate. 

  The word is, “under.” 
 Is there a monster under my bed? 
 The cat’s hiding under the table. 

 The word is, “which.” 
 Which hand am I hiding it in? 
 I can’t decide which one I want. 

  The word is, “world.” 
 How many miles around is the world 
 Let’s go to another world in a rocket. 

 The word is, “year.” 
 Each January the 1st starts a new year
  In what year will I start college?