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WORDS 101-125

about, been, call, could, find, first, if, its, know, many, may, more, new,

only, other, partpeople, takethan, these, way, werewho, work, , would


 The word is, “about.” 
 She’s about five feet tall. 

 I’d like to learn more about that. 

 The word is, “been.” 
 It’s been days since we saw them. 
 How have you been, lately? 

 The word is, “call.” 
 I just got a phone call from your aunt. 
 What do you call this strange bug? 

 The word is, “could.” 
 Could you water those plants for me? 
 I wish I could fly like a bird. 

 The word is, “find.” 
 What did you find in the attic? 
 I can’t find my gloves right now. 

 The word is, “first.” 
 You will be the first person I’ll tell. 
 She ran quickly to first base. 

 The word is, “if.”  
 Do you know if he got the message? 
 What if I did this later today? 

 The word is, “its.” 
 I think its wing is hurt. 
 Its hair is way too long right now. 


  The word is, “know.” 
 How do you know that she’s right? 
 I know a lot about dolphins now. 


 The word is, “many.” 
 How many Easter eggs did you find? 
  There are too many gnats here. 

 The word is, “may.” 
 My birthday is May the tenth. 
  Mom, may I please have more? 

 The word is, “more.” 
 How many more days will this take? 
 There’s more here than I can eat. 

 The word is, “new.”  
 Look at my brand new winter coat. 
 You have a new phone, don’t you? 

 The word is, “only.” 
 I have only one good pair of shoes.  
 It’s only twenty degrees outside. 

 The word is, “other.”  
  My other blue sock has a hole in it. 
  We had a snow storm the other day. 

 The word is, “part.” 
 I am missing a part to this toy. 
 Dad, I got a part in the school play. 

 The word is, “people.” 
 Lots of people were at the movie.  
 Most people know about SpongeBob. 

 The word is, “take.” 
 Can you take this up to your dad? 
 This will take a little while to finish. 

 The word is, “than.”  
 My brother is older than my sister.  
 I’d rather be a cat than a bird. 

 The word is, “these.”  
 These bananas have turned brown. 
 Which one of these do you like more? 

 The word is, “way.” 
 There’s no way I’m going to do that. 
 Which way gets us to the pool? 

 The word is, “were.”  
 What were their names, again? 
 I thought you were finished eating. 

 The word is, “who.” 
 Who is that, standing over there? 
 I don’t know who invented that. 

 The word is, “work.” 
 You did great work cleaning the room. 
 I don’t think that’s going to work

 The word is, “would.” 
 Would you bring wood in for the fire? 
 I think she would like that as a gift.            




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WORDS 126-150

after, also, any, around, before, boy, every, follow, give, great, live, man, much,
name, old, our, right, same, say, show, small, tell, thing, three, want

 The word is, “after.” 
 What should we do after the game? 

 I have to run after my dog. 

 The word is, “also.” 
 I’d also like some more iced tea. 
 They’re also going to the beach. 

 The word is, “any.” 
 I don’t have any money in my wallet.  
 Do any of you know who this is? 
  The word is, “around.” 
 I’d like to take a trip around the world. 
 I’ll be there around three o’clock. 

 The word is, “before.” 
 Brush your teeth before you go to bed. 
 This has happened once before

 The word is, “boy.” 
 The boy next door has a red skateboard. 
 There is a new boy in our class. 

 The word is, “every.” 
 I try to eat an apple every day. 
 Every friend I have loves Star Wars. 
  The word is, “follow.” 
 Her dog likes to follow her everywhere. 
 Follow me across the street, carefully. 
  The word is, “give.” 
 What did you give her for Christmas? 
 Will you give me that for a minute? 

 The word is, “great.” 
 The food there is really great 
 His huge dog is called a Great Dane. 
  The word is, “live.” 
 I would like to live by a lake. 
 They used to live in Georgia. 

 The word is, “man.” 
 That man over there is a policeman. 
 I see one man in that exercise class. 

 The word is, “much.” 
 That’s too much whipped cream. 
 I don’t like beets very much

 The word is, “name.” 
 Her name is Shirley. 
 I wonder what they’ll name their baby. 

 The word is, “old.” 
 My big sister is fifteen years old
 How old is your grandmother? 

 The word is, “our.” 
 Our kitchen sink has a leak in it. 
 How many kittens will our cat have? 

 The word is, “right.” 
 I think that you are exactly right
 A bee stung me on my right arm. 

 The word is, “same.”  
 You have the same doll that I do. 
 I’m tired of eating the same food. 

 The word is, “say.” 
 Would you say that tastes good? 
 I think you should say you’re sorry. 

 The word is, “show.” 
 That TV show is really good. 
 Can you show me your new toy? 

 The word is, “small.”  
 These pants are too small for me now.  
 I’ll take a small spoon full of sugar. 

 The word is, “tell.” 
 Please tell me about your day. 
 I’m busy, tell me about this later. 

 The word is, “thing.” 
 I have no idea how to work this thing
 What is that thing over there? 

 The word is, “three.” 
 You have three choices of candy here. 
 We need at least three people for this. 

 The word is, “want.” 
 What do you want most for Christmas? 
 I want their dog to stop barking.